Knorr with Unilever Health

Knorr provides you with practical solutions that make it possible to enjoy stress-free mealtimes with family and friends even in today’s fast-paced society.

A number of international studies show that regularly shared meal times within families improve communication, allow for the development of important social skills and make it more likely for children to select healthier food choices 1,2. In today’s fast paced society, there is an increasing difficulty with regards to maintaining a positive work/life balance. As a result, shared meal times are being threatened around the world. Practical solutions, particularly around meal preparation, are therefore needed to promote more shared meals amongst families.

Processed foods, whether it be pre-cut vegetables or ready-meals, play a pivotal role in today’s diet problems. The intake of processed foods assessed in 10 countries varies from 35% in Spain to around 60% in Northern Europe 3. With such widespread consumption, the impact of processed foods on healthy living can be substantial. Industry can play a very important role in optimising the nutritional profile of processed foods.

Examples of processed foods whereby Unilever South Africa have optimised their nutrition profile include selected variants of the Knorr ‘Fresh Ideas’ range and the recently launched Knorr ‘Cup a Soup’ range.

The correct preparation of these products results in a meal or snack that is in line with international dietary guidelines referencing the recommended limited intake of saturated fats, trans fats, sugars and salt (sodium).

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