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Unilever Food Brands

At Unilever, our food brands are rooted in our vision to promote healthier eating and a healthier planet, by encouraging sustainable eating and food production practices and providing resources that encourage communities to eat better. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact by encouraging people to eat healthy with nutritious foods that never compromise on great flavour.

To do this, the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan was launched in 2010 with a vision to make sustainable living commonplace for communities across the globe, by promoting health and wellness and sustainable food practices. As such, the Unilever food brands include a broad range of quality and tasty products that are lower in salt, sugar, trans fats and calories, to ensure they are healthier for consumers.

To reduce our environmental impact, our Sustainable Living Plan includes initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gases, packaging and manufacturing waste, and promote sustainable sourcing of our agricultural raw materials. Enabling Unilever to make a positive social impact by encouraging healthier eating and providing ways for people to eat more sustainably, for a reduced environmental footprint.

Unilever – Making Eating Healthy, Easy

In line with our Sustainable Living Plan, we continuously strive to make healthy food products, which has led to the development of our various sustainable food brands to make healthy eating accessible and easier for everyone.

Some of our sustainable food brands that are making a significant difference in helping to make healthy eating more commonplace include Knorr and Knorrox. Here’s how they have continued to make a positive social impact toward sustainable and healthier living.


Knorr helps consumers to eat for good by offering resources on nutrition and healthy meal ideas that help to educate, encourage and inspire consumers to eat healthier. Knorr also continues to make a positive impact towards sustainable eating with their products with an optimised nutritional profile. These products include variants in the Knorr ‘Cup a Soup’ and Knorr salad dressings range, with certain salad dressing variants having reduced fat, and less sugar and salt. Offering consumers healthier food alternatives for healthier living.


For over 50 years, Knorrox has been committed to helping households across the country create meals that are not only full of rich, meaty taste but packed with nutritious goodness too, to nourish the family. This is why the Knorrox range of products are fortified, to ensure that they are filled with the micronutrients your family needs to maintain good health. Each Knorrox product has been carefully crafted to make a tasty and nutritious difference to your pot to strengthen your family and community. The Knorrox range also includes soya mince products as an affordable, flavourful, protein-rich and sustainable alternative to eating meat, helping to reduce our environmental footprint.

Through a program that funds and up-skills women in start-up food ventures, Knorrox again helps to support sustainable food practices, further encouraging health and wellness in local communities. Learn more about Knorrox’s social impact here.

With the Unilever Food Brands, eating healthy has never been easier – and healthier eating takes communities a step closer towards healthier and more sustainable living.