Patient Education How does breakfast impact your child’s future?

Why is eating a good breakfast so important for your children? Can an empty belly negatively affect the way they participate at school, and furthermore get in the way of them achieving their dreams? Read on to find out more.

1) A nutritious breakfast contributes toward the daily nutritional needs of children.

  • At Rama, we’ve created our very own good breakfast formula consisting of Bread with Rama, Milk or Tea with Milk, an Egg and a Fruit.

  • This combination of food provides:
    • A boost of carbohydrates from the bread.
    • 9 vitamins and omega 3 from the Rama.
    • Hydration and calcium from the tea and milk.
    • Muscle-building protein from the egg.
    • Minerals and extra vitamins from the fruit.

2) A good, nutritious breakfast delivers energy and nutrients needed for everyday school performance.

  • A good breakfast with Rama = higher energy levels.
  • A good breakfast with Rama = better attention in class.

3) It is recommended that a nutritious breakfast include healthy fats.

  • Some fats are healthy!
  • Rama is filled with omega 3, a healthy fat source.
  • Omega 3 fats will help boost your child’s brainpower and concentration levels.

We’ve made it our mission to help the children of our country succeed by looking deeper into the issues surrounding nutrition. Using our in-depth knowledge on this subject we are helping families to give their little ones a healthy and nutritious breakfast – a Rama good breakfast!

  • Breakfast Claims Nutrition

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