Patient Education Making Catering Dishes Healthier

Making Catering Dishes Healthier

Seductive Nutrition, Third Edition: Healthier Catering Dishes

Unilever Food Solutions has officially launched the third edition of Seductive Nutrition, focusing on the improvement of canteen meals by ensuring that they are healthier and have a more aesthetic appeal on buffets. We share recipes and hints on how the decision to make small changes to your preparation methods, choice of ingredients and presentation can entice your guests.

The third World Menu Report highlights the fact that chefs and operators are not meeting their guests’ needs. Guests want the best of both worlds - healthier options on menus (66%) and more sweet treat options when eating out (72%). However, most healthy options are considered to be second rate - including less appetizing (43%), too expensive (57%) and not very filling (45%). Out of the 10 countries that took part on the survey, the “Nutritional Knowledge Gap” was widest in South Africa.

When asked what they thought should be done to make meals healthier, the top six most popular requests were:

  • Adding plenty of vegetables,
  • Lowering fat content,
  • Reducing portion sizes,
  • Grilling or baking,
  • Using fresh ingredients,
  • Lowering the calorie content.

Click here to download the third edition of Seductive Nutrition: Making Catering Dishes Healthier.