Patient Education One breakfast check at a time

Studies show that when it comes to little learners, breakfast could very possibly be the most important meal of the day! But how do you check if you’re feeding your child a good breakfast?

Introducing the Rama Breakfast Check – an educational tool created to inform families about good breakfasts in a fun and easy way. Eating a balanced, sufficient and wholesome breakfast every morning can help children in many ways. A good breakfast supplies children with a nourishing boost of vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin A, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. All of which prepare their brains for an interesting day of learning ahead.

According to a study conducted by health professionals, one in every five children in South Africa don’t eat a good breakfast. This can sadly lead to health issues like vitamin deficiencies, weight gain, fatigue, weight loss, and even growth stunting. Breakfast should make up at least 15% of a child’s total daily nutrients intake.

To help change the eating habits and behaviours of South African families, we created the Rama Breakfast Check – a SMS driven breakfast check experience that works on feature phones; a Facebook Messenger expert that supplies users with educational messages, and finally a site where families can sign up and receive educational advice via SMS or directly to their email.

Try it! Rama Breakfast Check

Now parents can help their children eat a filling, nutritious and brain-boosting breakfast, thanks to Rama.