Patient Education Paddle Pop Fun Foods Meter

Johannesburg, 21 October 2015 – Discover the difference between an array of fun foods with Paddle Pop!

For children to grow and develop into strong, healthy human beings it is really important for them to have a healthy lifestyle. And their daily diet is exactly where that begins.

We want to make sure that parents know the difference between good treats and really bad treats, to help them comprehend exactly what they’re serving their kids. It’s true! Even Paddle Pop treats - made with no more than 460 kJ per portion - need to be enjoyed in moderation.

Children love to enjoy treats and mothers often love giving these treats to their children. But, at the same time, mothers may wonder how often they can treat their children to an ice-cream or a snack while still ensuring that a healthy and balanced diet is maintained. Treats can indeed be a part of a balanced diet, so long as not eaten in excess. Paddle Pop is made especially with kids in mind – this means that they are a controlled portion size and that they are all below 460 kJ per portion.

That’s why we’ve created the Paddle Pop Fun Foods Meter!

Use it to teach your kids, patients and clients about fun food, help them to find the perfect treat for their kids to enjoy, and compare other fun foods to Paddle Pop.

Team Paddle Pop

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