Patient Education Vaseline GermSafe Tips

Here are all the tips that we received for keeping germs out.

  1. I recommend the use of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to all my mom’s for their new-borns bottoms! It works like a charm and protects the skin preventing any broken skin or rashes.
  2. Wash hands with soap and water before and after using toilet.
  3. Wash hands before eating or touching food or mouth.
  4. Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing and wash hands.
  5. Always rinse cans ie, soft drinks/juice and tin foods before using.
  6. Always cover foods that are leftover or that you are not eating now.
  7. Always check expiry dates of foods/drink before consuming.
  8. Use trolley sanitising wipes at shopping centres.
  9. To keep germs at bay, I encourage my kids to wash their hands after bathroom visits, playing with our pets and after helping out in the garden.
  10. Instead of drinking water straight from the taps at school rather let your child/children take water from home in a 250ml or 500ml plastic bottle.
  11. Wash skin with a ph. balanced soap to prevent skin breakdown and then becoming infected.
  12. Before applying your Vaseline onto your skin make sure that previous applications are washed off with soap and water.
  13. Keep your Vaseline with you especially during the Winter times to protect your family’s skin.
  14. I use Germsafe Vaseline to cover my hairline before colouring my hair; it prevents deep colour lines along the hairline.
  15. I also use Germsafe Vaseline to protect a superficial wound, rather than use a plaster that ultimately falls off anyways.
  16. I keep Vaseline GermSafe at easy places to reach- next to all the basins and sinks etc in the house (kitchen, bathroom). If they see it - they will remember to use it.
  17. The most important way not to get germs, is not to be in contact with it. Do not touch areas like door handles, counter tops, escalator rails, etc. If it cannot be avoided, keep a germ protecting agent like Vaseline GermSafe at hand.