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South Africa could run out of food in the future, but by cooking with ingredients of the past we can start reversing the damage done. Future 50 Foods are long forgotten ingredients from around the world. They’re full of interesting flavours, textures and nutritious goodness. They are also identified by the way they can renew farming soils across the globe and reduce environmental impact. With these healthy foods, we can take inspiration from old recipes and combine them with modern techniques to make something new, exciting and with the potential to save our food future.

10 ingredients are chosen for South Africa, based on their availability and their connection to our food heritage. Pumpkin leaves, millet, cowpeas and bambara groundnuts are traditional African foods that we can bring back into our diets for untold goodness and flavour. More common Future 50 Foods for South African meals include spinach, quinoa, lentils, red cabbage and mung beans. Take a look at the recipes below and start adding these fantastic Future 50 inspired dishes to your weekly meal plan:

Rigatoni with Roasted Tomato and Pumpkin Leaf Sauce:

A slightly unconventional ingredient is the pumpkin leaf. The time-old South African heritage food is given a new life in this scrumptious and modern rigatoni dish. Each mouthful of this fabulous meal is filled with history, flavour and great nutrition.

Cauliflower Millet Nuggets with Sweet n’ Sour Sauce:

Eating less meat will put you on your way to eating more sustainably – and with this recipe, meat-free means more flavour. Made with African-grown millet, this dish is simply delicious and an amazing throwback to traditional African cooking.

Spicy Bambara Groundnuts on Sweet Potato Toast:

Redefine your expectation of toast with thinly sliced, roasted sweet potato in this fresh, new recipe. The toast is topped with traditional African heritage food, bambara groundnuts. Enjoy a new flavour experience with a classic ingredient from the past.

Chicken and Spinach Hotpot:

Cooking with Future 50 Foods doesn’t have to put you out of your comfort zone. This simple dish with chicken and spinach will make your mouth water while filling your body with nutritious goodness.

Chakalaka Roasted Red Cabbage Steaks:

This red cabbage steak recipe gives a new spin to a great ingredient from the past. Red cabbage is filled with nutritional value and tastes great when roasted and topped with mixed seeds.

Future 50 Foods is the first step of a long but rewarding journey. Not only will these healthy recipes renew your palette with exciting flavours, but they will also help you eat more sustainably and nutritiously. With Future 50 Foods and a little bit of inspiration, we can start making a difference – one tasty meal at a time.