Resource Centre Health Professional’s Starter Pack: Dealing with Cholesterol

Do you have patients that suffer from high cholesterol? Surprisingly, more and more people have alarmingly high levels of cholesterol, and sometimes without even knowing it. It could be caused by their diet, daily stress levels that may have increased or as you know, their genetics.

Prevention is better than cure, so make sure that you tell your clients to visit your rooms regularly and get tested. You will be able to give them tips, and guide them on how to lower their cholesterol and keep it down.

The Flora starter Cholesterol lowering guide is a great tool to give your patients to get started. It gives you tips on which foods to avoid and which to include more regularly as well as explaining how Flora pro.activ, with the added plant sterols, can be used to lower cholesterol . In addition to being one of the top dietary approaches to lowering cholesterol, plant sterols may also be a useful adjunct to cholesterol-lowering medications that you may be prescribing to your patients, such as statins, by offering additional cholesterol lowering benefits.

Flora has a great starter pack packed with lots of useful information for you to give your patients and encourage them to take the Flora 21-Day Challenge to lower their cholesterol.

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Flora Cholesterol Starter Packs

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Flora Cholesterol Lowering Guide