Resource Centre My Experience at Unilever

"I have always fancied being involved in the food industry, with Unilever being the ultimate goal. This three month contract has been challenging, informative and life changing. With a main focus of improving the health profile of products, ranging from updating and reworking existing recipes, formulation tweaks to aligning with the new salt regulations and labelling regulations. Lots of time was spent working on the What’s For Dinner and Robertson’s recipes. With help from chef Wendy, we have reworked lots of the current recipes to make them lower in total fat, saturated fat, energy and salt. These recipes will be made available in the near future so keep a look out. Working alongside the brand team on the W4D project was great, seeing things from a marketing perspective helped to broaden my dietetic mind hugely.

I have had lots of fun working with the team and I am truly grateful for the patience and guidance that Naz, Keegan and Brigitte have shown me. I have learnt so much from all of you and hope we cross paths in the near future."

Nicole du Trevou