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Sustainable Nutrition

At Unilever we believe that we can help people grow food sustainably by enhancing the livelihood of small-scale farmers. We are dedicated to making better-tasting food and that includes growing our ingredients sustainably. It’s not only good for the planet, but also good for you.

From our farmers to our suppliers and chefs, everyone is doing their bit to help us source all of our agricultural ingredients sustainably by 2020.

We believe that we can teach people to cook tastier meals that are better for them and for the planet. Knorr is passionate about adding flavour to your meals. That’s why we’ve worked with our chefs and nutritionists to make your favourite recipes much lighter and healthier, with simple swap-outs for added nutrients. The recipes are based on international nutrition standards and are packed with delicious, nutritious and healthy ingredients. Click here to explore our better-for-you Knorr recipes. 

We can also teach people to minimise food and packaging waste from farm to fork. On the whatsfordinner website, we share how to use leftover food in an exciting way.